Hello NOMAD Members and Friends:

I hope you are all well and enjoying the fresh spring weather! I wanted to take the time to one, thank you for your loyal membership at NOMAD and to bring you all up to date on the things we are doing to improve the services we offer our members, and the value we are attempting to add to your membership.

Firstly, we are doing everything we can to keep the facility itself clean and sanitary. As you no doubt can imagine the amount of use this facility gets day in and day out makes that a very difficult process. I would like to thank Maria Rios Rodriguez, Roger McComas, Mike Grupp and Katie Hunt for all their hard work keeping things well maintained!

Secondly, we have improved and upgraded a good deal of our cardio equipment, and our spinning bikes and added some new rowing machines for our members to enjoy some different modalities of exercise. We have also added some new steps in the group fitness room. I would like to thank our new Director of Group Fitness Heidi Cashell and Assistant Director Lauren Brissie on their hard work in redeveloping our group fitness programming. NOMAD’s fitness staff are some of the best around and we appreciate their hard work and creativity! We now are offering more variety than ever before including yoga, belly dancing and greater variation in routines in our other classes. We will continue to investigate new classes so if there is something you would like to try let Heidi or Lauren know.

Thirdly, our swim school continues to grow and evolve thanks to the efforts of Leigh Brown and our awesome deck coaches and swim school coaches. We have doubled the size and scope of our swim school to be able to make sure that all children in the area have access to swimming skills, and work to keep our local swimmers safe around the water.

Finally, I would like to thank our management staff, Mandy Thacker, Leigh Brown and Judy McCoy for their hard work and daily attention to detail! I am very proud of our dedicated and friendly staff and how important it is to them and NOAMD that all our members feel valued and important, because you are. We are always looking to improve and provide the highest possible level of service to our members! I hope you all have an enjoyable Easter and enjoy this beautiful spring season!

Don’t forget to join us for our open house Saturday April 29th beginning at 8 AM!


Best Regards,

Mark Minier


NOMAD Aquatics & Fitness